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After my sister was refused credit to buy a sofa back in 2011, I decided the UK needed a smart solution to a very common problem: life is made harder and more expensive for too many people because of poor credit scores.

That’s when I came up with Credit Improver. A revolutionary product that helps the millions of people left behind by the UK’s credit scoring system.
People like my sister.

A poor credit score can mean you’re blocked from paying your bills with a monthly Direct Debit, you need a larger deposit to rent somewhere to live, and you’ll pay a fortune in interest on a consumer loan or credit card – if you can even get one.

Since the 2008 Credit Crunch, lenders are more reluctant than ever to offer credit.
And a poor credit score is often down to your lack of credit history, not because of past issues.

And a poor credit score isn’t always down to past credit problems. It’s just as likely to be a result of having no past credit at all.
Maybe you’re a young borrower, a returning ex-pat, or a serviceperson – all of whom would have a limited or non-existent banking history in the eyes of UK lenders.

My idea behind Credit Improver is simple, but it works.
By allowing anyone, whatever their credit score, to enter a monthly finance agreement, we prove to lenders you can manage credit and kick-start your credit score.

Credit Improver is still the only product of its kind in the UK.

And my sister still loves her sofa.

Tom Eyre


Credit Improver guarantees to improve your credit score with a money back guarantee.

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If you want to buy the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK without CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE you can choose from one of the products below.

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Each year we will send you a new edition of the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK relating to your chosen product, ensuring you are constantly up to date with everything you need to know to build your credit history.

To purchase any of these products simply email us at sales@credit-improver.co.uk and one of our team will contact you to arrange your purchase.