Credit Improver can help you kick-start your credit score

A better credit score or your money back

Terms and conditions apply


Credit Improver

Credit Improver

Kick-start your credit score for £9.99 a month or your money back

As you’d expect, there are some terms and conditions.

Take your first step to better borrowing

Credit Improver Lite

Our Lite option can improve your credit score for just £4.99 a month, but doesn’t come guaranteed.

A simple idea that works

When you buy our book, you’ll enter into a finance agreement to pay for it – even if a low credit score means you’re refused finance elsewhere.
This kick-starts your Credit Improver journey.

After a first monthly payment of £14.99 to cover setup costs, you’ll pay 11 instalments of £9.99. It sounds a lot for a book, but there’s a clever idea behind our sums…

The minimum monthly repayment on a subprime credit card is £4.99. By showing lenders you can repay double that each month, you’re proving you can comfortably manage credit. And because every instalment counts as a loan repayment on your credit report, you’re boosting your credit score too.


(If you’d like to buy our book outright, get in touch.)

Sign up for 24 or 36 months for a potentially bigger boost

96% of customers improve their credit score

9 out of 10 say they’d recommend us to friends


Authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority


Money-back guarantee

Improve your credit score or your money back


Cancel your plan any time

with no exit fees or charges

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Our story

When Tom Eyre’s sister couldn’t get credit to buy a sofa, he created a revolutionary product
to help millions like her left behind by the UK credit scoring system.


Our credit data is reported to Experian, Equifax and Callcredit, so our money-back guarantee applies to credit scores produced by all three credit reference agencies

Plus other sites that show your credit score, including: ClearScore, Noddle, Credit Club, Checkmyfile, Credit Angel and more

Credit Improver guarantees to improve your credit score with a money back guarantee.

Terms and conditions apply. View full details here


Thanks for your interest in the CREDIT IMPROVER Book

It looks like you are going to buy the product without taking advantage of the CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE.  This will not have an impact on your credit report or history so won’t directly improve your credit score.  If you want to take advantage of the CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE please click here.


If you want to buy the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK without CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE you can choose from one of the products below.

1 year – £69.88 / 2 years – £129.76 / 3 years – £189.64

1 year – £124.88 / 2 years – £244.76 /  3 years – £364.64

Each year we will send you a new edition of the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK relating to your chosen product, ensuring you are constantly up to date with everything you need to know to build your credit history.

To purchase any of these products simply email us at and one of our team will contact you to arrange your purchase.