Credit Improver guarantees to improve your credit score

no gimmicks, no tricks, just a better credit score or your money back!


Credit Improver

We guarantee to improve your credit score for £9.99 per month… or your money back!

100% risk free!

To improve your credit score you need to show you can manage credit. We help you do that through the advice in our book and by arranging for you to pay for it monthly. Following the advice in the book and making the monthly payments will improve your credit score. We are so confident we give you a 100% risk free guarantee.

Credit Improver Guaranteed Includes:

Credit Improver Guaranteed Book


The CREDIT IMPROVER GUARANTEED book provides everything you need to know about credit scoring and how it works.

The advice in the book covers all the actions you can take by yourself to improve your credit score.  It’s simple stuff that makes a huge difference. Following this advice will give you the best start to improving your credit score.


Credit Improver Finance


CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE builds your credit history with the three main credit reference agencies.

With CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE, every monthly payment is a loan repayment. Each month that you make a payment your credit history grows. This shows you can be trusted with credit.


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CREDIT IMPROVER GUARANTEED costs only £14.99 in month 1 followed by £9.99 per month thereafter. Every payment is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. Follow the terms of our guarantee and if your score doesn’t increase by the end of the plan we will give you all of your money back!

Can’t spare £9.99 per month but still want to improve your credit score?

No problem, we also offer CREDIT IMPROVER STANDARD. It works on the same principle as CREDIT IMPROVER GUARANTEED but the payments are only £4.99. CREDIT IMPROVER STANDARD is still a great way of showing you can be trusted with credit but we can’t guarantee the results.

The longer the plan, the more your credit score is likely to improve. Both books are available without the finance HERE. However, buying either book on its own without taking CREDIT IMPROVER finance would not directly impact your credit report and score.

Start improving your credit score now, risk free, with CREDIT IMPROVER GUARANTEED


96% of our customers improved their credit

9 out of 10 customers would recommend us to friends


Authorised & Regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority


100% Money Back Guarantee

Improve your credit score or your money back


Cancel your plan at anytime

No cancellation fees or charges

Our guarantee applies to all credit scores produced by all three credit reference agencies!

Plus other sites that show your credit score, including: ClearScore, Noddle, Credit Club, Checkmyfile, Credit Angel and more

Thanks for your interest in the CREDIT IMPROVER Book

It looks like you are going to buy the product without taking advantage of the CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE.  This will not have an impact on your credit report or history so won’t directly improve your credit score.  If you want to take advantage of the CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE please click here.


If you want to buy the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK without CREDIT IMPROVER FINANCE you can choose from one of the products below.

1 year – £69.88 / 2 years – £129.76 / 3 years – £189.64

1 year – £124.88 / 2 years – £244.76 /  3 years – £364.64

Each year we will send you a new edition of the CREDIT IMPROVER BOOK relating to your chosen product, ensuring you are constantly up to date with everything you need to know to build your credit history.

To purchase any of these products simply email us at and one of our team will contact you to arrange your purchase.